Leader and Needs for Achievement

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Mr. Jon reflects himself as a person who has high aspiration to be a leader. He has strong intention to lead others and does not hesitate to be man in charge. If given role as a leader, he is likely to be a dominant leader who exerts intense control and uses strict rules to manage his followers.

Although he has true feelings to lead and influence other, he is apparently not willing to force others to accept his opinion or intention. When interacting with others with different opinions, he would appear passive. Instead, as he narrated, he would listen to others emphatically — understands their concern and finds the best solution to respond to problems. He took this kind of step as he believed that it could avoid conflict or confrontation with others and help him to build mutual agreement.

His leadership abilities have so far been tested in some occasions. For instance, when he was assigned as a head of particular committee, that was the Management Club. He claimed that he was able to lead the committee members to achieve its goals successfully.

Mr. Jon displays an ability to see the big picture when he approaches problems, and combines this proportionally with practical perspective. As such, he is more likely able to understand the problem thoroughly. He uses the result of analysis carefully before making decisions on what to do to resolve the problems. This process in large extent explains his slowness in making decisions and also in work pace.


Mr. Jon comes across as a sociable person who can easily interact with a group of people. He appears as a calm, and orderly-spoken person. He apparently thinks through his mind carefully before expressing his ideas verbally. On the other hand, he is a person who can maintain endurance in routine and monotonous tasks. He does not really enjoy the spotlight and prefers to display a low profile image. Furthermore, he is not a forceful person who insists others to do what he wants. Instead, he prefers to suppress his true feelings and opinions to avoid conflict and maintain a harmonious working environment.


• Has high confidence to lead
• Project himself as a hard intense worker with high needs for achievement
• Emphatic to other’s interest

• A bit slow in making decisions and work pace
• Overly compromising his own interest
• Lack of negotiation skills


Mr. Jon started his career in Sun hotel as daily worker in recruitment section. He was hired as a permanent staff in 1990 and assigned in training department. He then moved to personnel administration and employee insurance. He was assigned as employee relation manager in 1997. In sum, he has spent his entire career in personnel areas.

Mr. Jon has also strong aspiration to be in position where he can take charge and be the man in command. In accomplishing his tasks, he will generally use extensive control and regularly refer to hotel’s rules, procedures, and seek advice from his boss for the appropriate decisions. As an employee in personnel department, his strong attachment to the rules and procedures can be seen as a potential advantage as he should enforce “law and order” among Sun employees. However, he apparently does not have strong intention to be very forceful in applying rules and procedures. Mr.Jon projects himself as a hard worker who has willingness to achieve high standard for self and others.

Instead, he tends to overly compromise his own (and management) interest for the sake of other’s (employees) interest. While it can be good for employees, it may create lost situation for the company. In order to be more effective manager, Mr. Jon should be provided development process on the areas of assertiveness, so that he can improve his approach in dealing and negotiating with others.
Based on the above considerations, Mr. Jon is recommended to keep his current position. However, we do not recommend further training or promotion at this moment. Mr. Jon is seemingly appropriate where he is right now.