Labor Union and Management

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Behind his calm and relaxed appearance, Mr. Johny is a tough and persistent worker who makes sure that his tasks are completed based on prior work plan and schedule. He has accumulated 20 years of collections experience and claims that honesty, perseverance, persistence, and diligence are the essential ingredients in order to be successful in conducting this kind of job in collections.

Towards his team, Mr. Johny always emphasizes on following work schedule persistently as he will monitor its progress through daily reports. He applies a situational leadership style as he would become tough or supportive depending on the situation. In the normal situation, he will only monitor the work activities of his subordinates because the work system and schedule are already well set up.

Being one of the active labor union officers, Mr. Johny is capable to see things from both sides – he can balance his time and takes the middle avenue and bridge the needs of employees and management. He is aware that he needs to be careful in sharing information to employees to protect its confidentiality. As one of the staff in finance department, he understands that the company is now surviving to be able to support the hotel operations. When asked about his major contribution, he claims that he managed to achieve more than 90% collection results to avoid accumulated credit or receivables.

While Mr. Johny is flexible in managing his tasks and activities, he can be very firm when it comes to work systems and procedures. They need to be applied strictly to avoid delinquencies. Being 20 years in managing collections activities, he knows the techniques and strategy to deal with delinquent clients.


Mr. Johny gave us a favorable impression – he is friendly and unpretentious. He comes across as a person with good integrity. He easily established good rapport and communication, and was fairly open in explaining his experience and personal life. He exudes a warm and pleasant personality, however, he claims that he prefers to be selective when joining social groups to maintain his objectivity. Moreover, the nature of his work, to keep financial matters in strict confidence, dictate him to be more detached to people around him at work.

He is open in expressing his feelings; and will not hide his true feelings. An adaptable individual, he is able to adjust to different personalities and working situations. He will think first whether he needs to express his feelings and assert his ideas in conflict situation.

Mr. Johny does not need much variety in order to be motivated at work. He is a consistent and steady worker who adapts to routine with ease and naturalness. In his 23 years of service, he sees Sun as a company with good working relationship amongst the employees and still provides good career opportunity. His ambition is to be promoted to the next level, as he believes he can do the job backed by his educational background.


• He is persistent in managing his tasks based on the degree of priority.
• He immediately gives positive initially impression. He is the man with integrity.
• He has warmth and empathy when dealing with others.
• He is a consistent and steady worker who can be effective under pressure.
• He handles his tasks works according company procedures, rules and regulations.

• While he can adapt to routine easily, he needs time and clear explanation before accepting change.


Mr. Johny is an SMA graduate from Medan. He started his career history in 1979 as Security Guard. After working for a year, he was transferred to accounting department and became one of the collectors. In a period of years, there were a number of delinquencies, which he managed to bring down to a lower level. This significant achievement earned him a promotion to Chief Collector. In this position, he spent his time mostly in the office monitoring the activities of collectors. Now, he is only two months in his current position as Assistant Credit Manager. Reporting directly to the Credit Manager, his major duty is monitoring the collections activities, collections strategy to solve collections related problems. At present, there is one Chief Collector and four Collectors under his direct supervision.

Mr. Johny comes across as a person with good integrity. He projects a positive impression, warmth and empathy in dealing with his team and people who works with him. At the same time, he can be tough and firm especially in the collection operations. This according to him, is to ensure that the work schedule is followed properly when dealing with delinquent clients. These strengths seems to have been proven and are strongly supporting him on the job.

Based on the above findings, we find Mr. Johny appropriate in his current position. His 20 years of experience in handling collections activities made him technically competent in the role. Likewise, his personal qualities and integrity gives him a good reputation, which makes people trust on him. Despite his limited potential, Mr. Johny is considered a valuable backbone to Sun Jaya hotel. Until the right successor is groomed to replace him, we recommend him to retain the position but to be given room for personal development.

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.