Member of the Labor Union

Mr. Messi began his career in this hotel in the laundry department and after 26 long years, he is still in this department. The length of stay in one department seemed to have frustrated Mr. Messi from the way he reacted and replied to questions during the interview. He emitted an air of sarcasm and pessimism showing little interest to the interview.

As refelected in his profile and observable behavior is his relatively low need to finish, low need to lead people and poor controls in monitoring the work and actions of his staff. Mr. Messi seems to have given up and prefers to lead in a highly democratic style. As an active member of the labor union, he seems to capitalize his role which he brings along on the job particularly in the laundry department.

Thus, with this perspective, he does not feel the need to display force and power as a leader, Obviously, this style will create a breed of lazy, nonchalant workers with no concern for work ethics and negative work attitudes.

Mr. Messi has relatively fast working tempo in completing his jobs, and is quick in making decisions. However, he is not quite good in paying attention to detail. Consequently, his fast tempo in doing things and making decision may bring him into troubles because they are not grounded on a solid understanding about detail of the activities. Nevertheless, Mr. Messi will generally reduce the potentials of the trouble by organizing his tasks systematically and orderly.

At this point, Mr. Messi has the profile of a doer, worker type. He prefers to work fast and is action-oriented. He likes to do things “now” and not “tomorrow”. However, he does it in a negative way without clear solid understanding of objectives and the details. As a result, things can get disorganized and misconstrued.

He is apparently not very skillful in convincing others about his ideas or suggestions. He said that actually he had repeatedly proposed some suggestions regarding laundry techniques, but they were not accepted by his boss nor management.

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Mr. Messi appears cool and undisturbed. However, beneath this impression, he is apparently a person who desperately wants to be recognized. He expressed his grievances about the poor working conditions, the aging equipment, lack of chemical supplies and shortage of manpower. He also laments about management’s not recognizing his abilities and putting him only second in command despite some of his ideas. He disclosed that management only knows the boss in laundry even though some of the suggestions were generated by him and the staff.

He whined about the fact that it was always his boss who got the credits and achievements, when it could have been due to him or others. In other words, this indicates that Mr. Messi places great importance on fair recognition at work. As a result, he displays frustration and disapproval when this great expectation is not extended to him. In the long term, this situation can give detrimental effect on his performance.


STRENGHTHS – not observable

• Poor attention to details
• Tends to do things for effect rather than to be effective
• Reflects uncertainty and discontentment
• Nurturing grievances and projects high disapproval


Mr. Messi comes across a relaxed and passive employee who prefers to use personal approach in leading his staff. He likes to be action-oriented, the “now” worker who prefers quick decisions. On the other hand, this behavior causes him overlook the details of the jobs. Socially interactive, Mr. Messi is apparently a person who likes to be appreciated and enjoys spotlight.

Unfortunately, he seems to have scant recognition from the management and it creates a sense of frustration in his working life. He also displays low work spirit and tends to behave/communicate cynically toward management’s policies. Yet, despite this situation, he confessed that he still likes working in Sun Hotel as he feels strong attachment to the family culture deeply rooted in this organization.

Based on overall findings, there is a strong indication that he has no more room for further development as his capabilities have already been completely actualized. There are also strong reasons that Mr. Messi should be offered to take part in the Early Retirement Program. However, it is imperative that this competing behavior of Mr. Messi be addressed immediately to play down on the differences while emphasizing common interests between the conflicting parties. The real reasons for his behavior should be honorably analyzed. The offering should also come in as an attractive and irresistible option more than a tool to end his career.