Working as an Engineering Staff

Mr. Senna has been in Hotel Sun Jaya as an engineering staff for 28 years, and has acquired many experiences and knowledge regarding his job. He uses his skills and knowledge to perform a systematic, orderly and organized job. He is able to produce the best result in his work by being a “smart worker” and by focusing on one task at a time.

According to him, he desires to give his best in all tasks given to him so he will be remembered fondly by his co- workers, subordinates and superiors when he retires. He is able to work well despite loose supervision from his boss, but desires to have a clear set of rules that he could follow and use as basis for his decisions. In addition, he believes that his strict adherence to the rules has resulted to a more organized working system for him and his department. Continue reading

Leadership and Customer Satisfaction

Mr. Lennon finds enjoyment in his current job. According to him, it is the client interaction that he loves most about his work. He prefers to attend to one task and see it through completion before starting on a new activity. He shows a high need to achieve greater accomplishments in his career and personal life and has the tendency to set high standards for himself and others. He shows flexibility in his work despite his mature age. He gives high prime to details and would prefer to handle a task himself rather than delegate to one of his three subordinates. Moreover, he appears to be a pragmatic person and possesses a macro- perspective when looking and dealing with a situation or dilemma. Continue reading

Becoming a Great Restaurant Manager

Mr. Denny is highly organized and systematic. He pays close attention to details for this a must in his job. He puts a prime on accuracy and does not compromise the precision of data. He prefers to focus on a specific task and see it through completion before starting on a new activity. Admittedly, he has completely realized his potentials and has no ambition to make any further advances in his career.

Mr. Denny has extremely low leadership role despite having an assistant. According to him, he lacks the opportunity to develop and exercise his leadership potentials because it is his supervisor and the management who makes all decisions related to accounts. He also has a deficiency in making quick- decisions for he would prefer to consult his supervisor first rather than decide on his own discretion and get blamed for it in the end. Continue reading

How to Become an Effective Accounting Manager

Mr. Rooney projects himself as diligent and hard intense worker. He admitted that he is not very clever with a low educational attainment thus, he must work harder than others to move forward and achieve his aspiration to succeed. He had shown perseverance, high organizational commitment and dedication which had brought him to where he is today.

Mr. Rooney does not display strong tendency to lead others. When assuming leadership role, he puts more emphasis on being the role model. He continually demonstrates this role by being honest and safeguarding his moral integrity; two ingredients critically needed in the accounting profession. Indeed, his long career in Sun Hotel has cemented his reputation as a man of integrity. Continue reading

Housekeeping Manager in a Hotel

Mr. Bryan has been working in housekeeping department of Hotel Sun Jaya for 26 years. He seems to have accepted the fact that due to his old age, he has no more room for advancement and has reached the peak of his career, which is why he is working for the sake of working. Despite this attitude, he still displays a high commitment in finishing tasks assigned to him.

Personally, he prefers to deal with tasks and problems one at a time. When dealing with problems, he applies his past experience and the knowledge learned through the years in this hotel. He draws out solutions that have worked for him in the past to apply to the current dilemma. He prioritizes tasks according to their importance so that his staff will be able to work on them in an organized and systematic manner that would entail to a good result. In housekeeping, the tidiness and good grooming are two important aspects that are given priority. Continue reading

Culture of Discipline

Mr. Gordon projects himself as a hard worker. However, he does not display strong need for achievement and tends to be perform slowly in finishing his daily tasks – a fact that may related to his old age that is very close to retirement stage (he will retire on October 2002).

Naturally Mr. Gordon does not have high intention to be a strong leader nor very high needs to control others. Nonetheless, in his current position as a senior supervisor, he always tries to control and enforce discipline among his staff. But, enforcing discipline proves to be a daunting task for him as he admits that he did not very successfully inspire his staff – especially those who are old, senior and permanent– to build discipline and professionalism. “It may be part of our culture and frankly, it’s very difficult to establish the culture of discipline,” he responded wryly as he tried to explain his job challenges. Continue reading