Assessment of Sales and Marketing Manager

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Mr. Jack is able to attend to a number of tasks simultaneously. He practices delegation of tasks to his subordinates, monitors their tasks in detail, but ultimately he is still in control. He displays an increasing interest in personally handling details of a project or situation. He enjoys his job and is a “smart worker” rather than a hard worker. According to him, he has been able to achieve more than his target sales twice. At present, his contentment and joy he has for his job is highly evident.

Mr. Jack admits to be a strict and controlling leader. He shows a high level of confidence in exercising his leadership role and authority. He is highly pragmatic and bases his decisions on the most logical of reasons. He characterizes himself to be a quick decision maker and a risk taker. Despite these positive indicators however, it appears that Mr. Jack is not able to portray this role confidently as he is new in the working environment and is still adjusting to the situation. Continue reading

National Sales Meeting

Ms. Evita appears to be very contented and happy with her current job. She is very enthusiastic and perceives her job to be a blessing. She is very systematic and organized in dealing with her work. She is a very detailed person and takes extreme care in decision making.

Given her current situation and resources available to her, Ms. Evita exhibits her creativity in her job by being very meticulous with details related with MICE. List of businesses she has brought in and created for the hotel include Cussons Soap National Sales Meeting, National Tourism Board Meeting and launching for PT. MetroData. Continue reading

Sales Manager and Leadership

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As a Senior Sales Manager in Banquet, Mr. Jonsen has 16 direct subordinates comprising of five sales managers, two sales executives and nine sales administrators. He and his team’s main duties are to market banquet facilities as well as sell food and beverages products. Given soft external market, he admitted that he and his team find hard times to meet the revenue target that has been established by management.

Mr. Jonsen seems to be confident with his leadership skills. In leading his staff, he tends to give autonomy and empowers them so that they can have liberty to choose the best action. He does not apply strict control to monitor his staff performance and prefers informal approach in dealing with his staff. He is quick in making decisions although at times he may overlook detail and ignore accuracy just for the sake of fast decision making process. He also regularly consults to procedures and his boss to make critical decisions about his jobs. Continue reading

Becoming An Effective Sales Manager

You can download brilliant powerpoint slides about Career Management and HR Strategy HERE.

Mr. Christian Mengko prefers to do things one at a time and sees it to completion. He said that when he works, he likes to do it perfectly, while on the other hand, he was modest in saying that he is not the best amongst the Banquet Sales Managers. Although he projects the hard worker image, his main objective is to see his job done just like the others. It appears that Mr. Christian is only maintaining and servicing existing clients, which he inherited from his successor and does not really exert extra effort in searching or identifying new clients. When probed, he was not able to mention new clients initiated by him. There is an indication that he is a bit bored in his current position and may just be working for the sake of working. Continue reading